Saturday, October 13, 2012

About Me

Dear all,
How are you? Hope you always in good condition. Let me introduce my self, my nick name is Angga and my full name is Eka Angga Riandhika. Currently I work in a worldwide manufacturing company. I studied in Industrial Engineering major of ITS (Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember). My focused studies about simulation, optimization, statistic, and also supply chain. I like doing sports such as badminton, swimming, and jogging, besides I like eat both traditional and modern food, doing communication and make friends. I am people with high targeting, fast learner, adaptive, discipline, able to work under pressure, and also work both individual and team.
I like concept something and make it be real and implemented. Sometimes, my ideas looked so impossible to be implemented, but I have friends and great teams which able and available to listen my ideas and also support my idea. If I allocated in a job, I prefer as a concept 80% and executor 20%. Why? I like concept and brief to the teams globally and when they need more detail, I explain it deeply.
My experiences professionally were doing feasibility study for education section, doing distribution analysis for cement industry, doing simulation for container depot re-layout, doing FPY (First Pass Yield) improvement, doing debug consolidation, doing VMI (Vendor Manage Inventory), and now deploying consignment.
That's all about me generally and thank you for let me share my little things in this blog.

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