Saturday, October 13, 2012

Life Cost in Batam

Hi all, happy day.
For you who will live in Batam. I would to share how the Batam it self generally.
Globally, Batam is a island, not a city. It near from or to Singapore and also from or to other islands in Indonesia, especially Bintan. Based on information from people there, for reach between end to end of area, you just need 45 minutes maximum. Why? basically the traffic is also good not crowded. When you arrive in the first time by air, you must be confuse, because in the right and left during your trip from Hang Nadim international airport to city will looked so green and red. Means, full of trees and also the red land which shows blank area. If you think that Batam full of resorts, that is true, because the island is rounded by sea. Therefore, some investor make it as resorts.
Then, let me share the life style in Batam. In Batam, if you think everything is cheap, totally wrong. Why? Basically, the price for eats and transportation is quite high. Let me share the price for live in Batam:

Eats: @ >= 15,000 IDR
Transport: @>= 2,000 IDR (shortest distance such as internal industry area)
Rent House: a month >= 300,000 IDR (the most simple rent house)

Total in a month (minimum):
Eat: ((2 x 5 work days x 15,000)+(3 x 2 days off x 15,000)) x 4 weeks =1.000,000 IDR
Transport: ((2 x 5 work days x 2,000)+(2 x 1 day off x 2,000)) x 4 weeks = 96,000 IDR
Rent House: 300,000 IDR
Miscellaneous: 200,000 IDR
Total: 1,596,000 IDR

That is the minimum spent for live in Batam,if you categorized to the shopaholic people, you should prepare your cash more than that.
For your information, you could find the cheap gadget in Batam, especially in some mall such as Lucky Plaza and Nagoya Hill, but the gadget's warranty is local for Batam or warranty from Singapore.
The recreation places you can find are Jembatan Barelang, Kampung Vietnam, Pantai Mirota, Resorts, etc.
The foods mostly are same in Java, like Ayam Bakar (original, bumbu kacang, cabe hijau), Nasi Campur, Nasi Pecel, Soto, Nasi Padang, Soups, and many more.

(Source: Figure of Batam)

Created by: Eka Angga Riandhika


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